A dictionary of Mwotlap (Banks Is., Vanuatu)
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mwotlap dictionary
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Agō  [aɣʊ] -. <Géo> north-eastern district of the island of Gaua (opp. Alkon, the south-western district).

[  <°ˌa-ɣaˈua. ]

Alkon  [alkɔn] -. <Géo>

(1) ssouth-western district of the island of Gaua opp. Agō, the north-eastern district).

(2) the island of Gaua as a whole, the largest of the Banks islands.

ige t-Alkon
people from Gaua

[  <°ˌa-laˈgona. ]

Amnō  [amnʊ] -. <Ethn> the World of the Dead, Hell, in the ancient world.

Syn: Wōsōy

N-et so ni-mat en, tō na-taqn̄en ni-saq le-qyan̄, ba na-talan kē ni-van Amnō.
When someone dies, the body rots in the tomb, but the soul joins the World of the Dead.

Kē me-qlen̄, kē ma-van Amnō, tō kē van qelen̄ le-myam agōh, ba n-et tit etsas vēste kē.
He disappeared into the World of the Dead; he then roamed about the world, but remained invisible to the eyes of man.

Van Amnō !
Go to Hell !

[ Mota <°ˌa-baˈnoi. PNCV Panoi.  *banoivolcano, volcanic ash’. ]

Amwōyig  [amwʊjiɣ] -. <Géo>

(1) place in the centre of the island of Mwotlap.

(2) designates the island of Paama, in southern Vanuatu.

ige t-Amwōyig
people from Paama

[  <°ˌa-baˈɣura-ˈriɣi. ]

Am̄ot   [aŋ​͡mʷɔt] -. <Géo> Mota: tiny island south-east of Motalava.

Am̄ot   (to-M̄ot) adj.

(1) originating from or characteristic of Mota.

no-hohole to-M̄ot
the Mota language, mota

(2) act 'like Mota people': in an awkward, ridiculous, or impolite manner.

m̄ōl to-M̄ot
[lit. take off in Mota style] take French leave, leave impolitely without notice

[  <°a-ˈŋ͡mʷota. ]

Am̄sēn  [aŋ​͡mʷsɪn] -. <Géo> Mosina or Mwesen: village on the neighbouring island Vanua Lava (Apnōlap), close to the village of Sola (Asol).

Apnōlap  [apnʊlap] -. <Géo> designates Vanua Lava, huge volcanic island opposite Motalava.

Nok so van le-pnō liwo, nok van Apnōlap.
I'm going to the big island, to Vanua Lava

tekel Vōnōlap
the other side of Vanua Lava

[ Cf<°ˌa-βaˈnua-ˈlaβagrande île’.  vōnō.  lap. ]

Aqke  [ak​͡pʷkɛ] -. <Géo> Pakea or Qakea: islet off the neighbouring island Vanua Lava (Apnōlap), opposite the village Qan̄lap.

[  <°ˌa-g͡bʷaˈgea. ]

Asol  [asɔl] -. <Géo> Sola: village south-east of the neighbouring island Vanua Lava (Apnōlap), today administrative centre of the Torba province.

[  <°a-ˈsola. ]

Ayō  [ajʊ] -. <Géo> Roua, Reef Is., now a desert island close to Mwotlap. Following a tidal wave (c.1935?), the inhabitants left their island (yow_veteg) for Ureparapara (Nōybaybay). Ayô island is still visited several times a year by fishermen from Mwotlap, when a celebration requires a huge catch of fish.


[ Mota Roua. ]

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