A dictionary of Mwotlap (Banks Is., Vanuatu)
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mwotlap dictionary
Index I
Iqet  [ikpwɛt] ~ Qet  sb. <Myth>

(1) Iqet, name of the founding hero of the Banks Islands.

Iqet mi-tin̄ na-myam, lok me Bankis kē ; bastō, kē mi-tin̄ n-et van alon en.
Iqet created the world here in the Banks; then he created men and let them in.

(2) reference to Iqet is often used to present a very old element of tradition, dating back to the Golden Age. Thus we have a name N followed by a possessive non_Iqet Iqet's N, from Iqet's time.

n-eh non Iqet
a song about Iqet / dating back to the time of the legend

(3) throught syncretism, Iqet is sometimes identified with the christian God, usually Ḡot or Yatmangēn.

Iqet en, Ḡot ē-anen! Ige kastom wa ige tē-n-ēte a m-ōlōl tō a so Iqet.
Iqet is simply God, It was our ancestors who gave him the name of Iqet,

Iqet mē-vētleg me ēntēn Krais a kē n-et.
Iqet sent us his son, Jesus Christ, in the form of a human being.

[ Mota Qata Vui (spirit), chief figure in stories’. PNCV *bʷatukind of spirit’. ]

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