A dictionary of Mwotlap (Banks Is., Vanuatu)
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mwotlap dictionary
Index M
Man̄go2   [maŋgɔ] noun. <Géo> Mango, a suburbian village near Santo town, where many Mwotlap people live or have lived. Takes its name from its many mango trees.

ige ta-la-Mango
the people from Mango
M̄ēyig  [ŋ​͡mʷɪjiɣ] -.

M̄otlap   [ŋ​͡mʷɔtlap] -. <Géo>

(1) south-west part of the island of Motalava, opp. district of Valuwa (Aplōw) in the north-east.

(2) name of the island of Motalava (or Mwotlap), where the mwotlap language is spoken.

Nēk ta-van M̄otlap n̄ēh?
When will you go to Motalava?
M̄otlap   (to-M̄otlap) adj. native or belonging to the island of Motalava.

ige to-M̄otlap
the people of Motalava, the Motalavians

na-lqōvēn to-M̄otlap vitwag
a woman from Motalava

no-hohole to-M̄otlap
the mwotlap language, mwotlap

Nok vap to-M̄otlap qōtō.
Allow me to speak in mwotlap (opp. in bislama) a few moments.
M̄otlap   (no-M̄otlap) noun.

(1) the island of Motalava.

Ikē a ma-lan̄lō tō me no-M̄otlap.
He was the one who first introduced me to (the island of) Motalava.

(2) inhabitant of Motalava, Motalavian.

Nēk wo ma-kaykay, nēk etgoy, nēk tog kaykay no-M̄otlap!
If you shoot arrows, be careful not to shoot at a Motalavian!
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