A dictionary of Mwotlap (Banks Is., Vanuatu)
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mwotlap dictionary
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oel  (n-oel) [nɔɛl] noun.

(1) edible oil, used in modern cooking (cf. fraenem).

sim ‘huile de cocotier’

(2) oil used for odd jobs, mechanics, etc..

[ Angl. oil. ]

ok  (n-ok) [nɔk] noun. <Techn> boat, embarcation; esp. large collective canoe (opp. ni-siok, small individual canoe).

n-ok gamgam
sailing canoe, traditional sailing boat

n-ok gamgam a na-sam tēvēlyō
sailing boat with two keels

n-ok gapgap
airplane [lit. flying boat]

[ Mota aka. POc *waŋga(ŋ). ]

ol  [ɔl] intransitive verb. stretch out one's arm or hand.

Syn: tan̄

Nok ol van le-mnē.
I shake your hand.

Kē ni-ol van le-mte-ep en, tō ni-lep hiy me ni-vinhe en.
He stretched his arm up towards the roof above the fire, and brought down his quiver.
olol   [ɔlɔl] intransitive verb. give an offering during a magic or religious ritual; make a sacrifice using (mi) (animal, vegetable, object),.

Kēy olol van hiy nu-vu mi no-qo wot.
We make a magic sacrifice to the spirits with a castrated pig.

olol mi n-ep
[lit. sacrifice by fire] carry out a magic ritual consisting of lighting a fire in the oven and miming cooking a dish, then pronouncing the name of the person wished to be seen dead
olol   transitive verb. use ‹sacred object, offering› to carry out a magic ritual.

So n-et wo ne-myōs wo ni-wuwuh et, kē ni-olol ne-vet anen.
If someone wishes to commit a murder, he must carry out a ritual on this rock.
olol   (n-olol) noun. ritual, sacrifice; offering.

[ Mota oloolo. ]

on  (n-on) [nɔn] ~ n-on liwo  noun. <Pois> BarracudaSphyraena spp.

(1) Blackfin Barracuda, bsl. Sofis: reef fish. Sphyraena genie.

Kem van tēytēy n-on.
We're going to catch barracudas.

(2) Sphyraena bleekeri.

[ POc *qonoBarracuda’. ]

op  (n-op) [nɔp] noun. <Bot> a tree (Hernandiaceae), bsl. Canoe-tree or Naove. Gyrocarpus americanus.

[ Mota ovi. ]

ow  (n-ow) [nɔw] noun. <Art>

(1) white powder obtained by the combusion of submarine limestone (ne-vet_qōn̄) ; lime (?).


(2) white paint obtained from this powder, and used for decorating sacred masks (na-tmat).


[ Mota owo. POc *qapuʀ (?). ]

oytitin  [ɔjtitin] transitive verb. embrace ‹s.o› round the shoulders; be arm in arm with ‹s.o›.

oyveg  [ɔjβɛɣ] transitive verb. hold ‹› against one's stomach by holding it from underneath in bent arms (opp. yuwu, hold up in the air); fl.e.g. sit with ‹a baby› ine one's arms.

Kēy oyoyveg vatag hay na-lēt.
They walk carrying firewood (in their arms).
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