A dictionary of Teanu (Vanikoro, Solomon Islands)
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jeboro moloe
jeboro  [ᶮɟeᵐboro] noun. <Bot> Wild basil (Lamiaceae). Ocimum gratissimum.

jeboro moloe  -. <Bot> lit. “red basil” : red variety of Coleus. Solenostemon spp.


jebute  [ᶮɟeᵐbute] ~ jiebute  noun. native taro. Colocasia esculenta. ◈ Etym.. Contraction of die ~ jie ‘sucker’ and bute* ‘taro’.

Syn: avtebe

li-au jebute
harvest taro (by pulling on it)

Jebute ka moso.
The taros are ripe.

Kape jebute i-karau na metae, pe ero tae.
Taros can't grow here, due to lack of water.
jokoro  [ᶮɟokoro] noun. <Mus> name of various artefacts made of bamboo. Etym.. From jie okoro.

(1) bamboo rod, of any usage.

Ni-toe jokoro iote me susuko me ngasune semame jokoro iote.
I cut a bamboo rod to the same length as the other one.

Ni-nabe jokoro lea iune ka kula.
I measured the bamboo rod to be one fathom and a half.

(2) (esp) fishing rod.

Kape le-la teuko ne jokoro me le-katei ñe namuko.
We'll take a fishing rod and go angling.

(3) bamboo water-carrier.

jokoro peini ero
bamboo for freshwater

(4) bamboo used as a stamping tube.

Le-la jokoro me le-woi, me le-mako.
We'll take bamboos and pound them (on the ground) for the dances.

jokoro pe li-woi
[lit. bamboos to be stamped] stamping tube

(5) bamboo flute; fl:esp. Pan pipe. An instrument recently introduced from islands further west (esp. Malaita).

jokoro pe li-vi
[lit. bamboos to be blown] Pan pipe

(6) bamboo organ: a large panpipe-shaped instrument made of bamboos tied together. An instrument recently introduced from islands further west (esp. Malaita). The sound is produced by striking (~abu) the mouth of each tube with a beater made of wood or plastic.

jokoro pe li-abu
[lit. bamboos to be struck] bamboo organ

Dameliko kape li-abu jokoro.
The kids will play the bamboo organ.

[ See  okoro. ]

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