A dictionary of Teanu (Vanikoro, Solomon Islands)
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teanu dictionary
Index r
~re i-wene
roe tebene
ra  [ra] -.
re1   [re] dx. Distal demonstrative: there, over there. là-bas.
~re2   [(i·)re] phr. let go of, leave. laisser.

(1) let go of ‹›, release, drop.

U-re mevia* eo.
[Release your breath!] Have a rest!

Menu ka i-re tengiro.
The baby was shedding tears.

U-re bavede!
Release the sail!

(2) leave ‹› somewhere; put ‹› down, lay, set.

Voko iote pon li-re ne elene Lege ponu.
They took stones and laid them down in the clearing of Lengge.

(3) (esp) set ‹trap›; cast ‹net›.

Kape la-re tetaki me la-labu neido konge ne ero.
We will set a trap to catch small shrimps in the river.

Ne-le ne-re pele.
I'm going net-fishing.

(4) spend ‹money, viko›, pay ‹fine›.

Ka a-romo leka! Kape u-re viko!
You had eye contact with your cousin! You will have to pay a fine!

(5) let go of, release ‹s.o.›; leave ‹s.o.› alone.

U-re ene!
Leave me alone!

(6) allow ‹s.o.› to do

(7) leave ‹s.o.›; drop ‹s.o.› somewhere, walk ‹s.o.› back.

Awa ene i-su pe ni-re kaipa damiliko iono.
I am sad to have left you and your family.

A-re Bakap vele?
Where did you drop Bakap?

(8) divorce ‹s.o.›.

Ka i-re emele iape.
[he has released his wife] He is divorced.
~re i-wene  -. lit. “leave-it it-lies” : leave ‹› somewhere. Sometimes contracted to ~rewene*.

~re [2]

U-re i-wene!
Leave it there!
rema  [rema] -.
revo  [revo] intransitive verb. <Sea>

(1) sea, esp. marine zone surrounding the island and accessible on a daily basis (vs. ngamuli ‘ocean’).

abilo peini revo

Ero i-pu i-abu i-vagasi revo.
The river flows down to the sea.

Dapa kula li-abu revo, me le-labu namuko.
The others slap the (sea) water, in order to catch the fish.

Kape le-loko ajekele le-iui ne revo.
They're going to gather rubbish and throw it in the sea.

(2) tide.

Revo i-koie.
[the sea is coming in] The tide is rising.

Revo i-kopine.
[the sea is deep] It's high tide.

Revo i-ma.
[the sea is dry] It's low tide.

(3) salt water, sea water.

Ni-wowo revo i-ke mina lema kuo.
I'm bailing out the (sea) water from inside the canoe.

Emel' iote i-le i-wowo revo i-ka i-sabisi se awene.
A woman went to draw saltwater, and brought it back to pour it above the oven.
ro  [ro] -.
roe tebene  [roe teᵐbene] noun. <Bot> lit. “roe turned yellow” : k.o. tree, unidentified.

rom  [rom] -.
romo  [romo] -.
ro’2   transitive verb. short form of ~romo ‘see’.
ruene  [ruene] -.
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