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lchange[Mathieu Dehouck, Alexandre François, Siva Kalyan, Martial Pastor & David Kletz]
pdf 𝓔𝓿𝓸Sem: A database of polysemous cognate sets.
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[Daniel Krauße & Alexandre François]
nusapdf The road to opacity: Reflexes of Proto-Oceanic *-akin in northern Vanuatu.
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Applicatives in Austronesian languages.
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Biology[Lara R. Arauna, Jacob Bergstedt, Jérémy Choin, Javier Mendoza-Revilla, Christine Harmant, Maguelonne Roux, Alex Mas-Sandoval, Laure Lémée, Heidi Colleran, Alexandre François, Frédérique Valentin, Olivier Cassar, Antoine Gessain, Lluis Quintana-Murci, Étienne Patin]
The genomic landscape of contemporary western Remote Oceanians.
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Zeitschriftpdf  Lexical tectonics: Mapping structural change in patterns of lexification.
In Thanasis Georgakopoulos & Stéphane Polis (eds), Semantic maps.
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[Alex François, Teliki Thomas, Rubenson Lono, Emele Mamuli, Kaspa Niu Maketi, Willy Usao]Synkretic
The seven lives of Lapérouse
. Synkrētic № 1 (Feb 2022): 156-171. Ed. & transl. Daryl Morini.
Dictionaria online   Teanu dictionary (Solomon Islands). Dictionaria 15. 1–1877.
Dictionaria version (on
Lexica version of the same dictionary (here)
pdf Printable introduction to the Teanu dictionary [24 pp.]
olfaction pdf Olfactory words in northern Vanuatu: Langue vs. parole.
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