The Linguistic Atlas of French Polynesia



Maeva 'outou !

Welcome to the homepage of the Linguistic Atlas of French Polynesia. The result of ten years of collaboration between two linguists of French CNRS – Jean-Michel Charpentier(†) and Alexandre François – this volume of 2562 pages documents the diversity of languages and dialects of French Polynesia.

Charpentier, Jean-Michel & Alexandre François. 2015.
Atlas Linguistique de la Polynésie FrançaiseLinguistic Atlas of French Polynesia.
Berlin, Papeete: de Gruyter & Université de la Polynésie Française. 2562 pp. (ISBN : 978-3-11-026035-9)

Inaugurated officially on 26 February 2015, this atlas is published jointly by Université de la Polynésie française (UPF) and by academic publisher De Gruyter. Both the authors and the publishers have wished for this work to be distributed freely, in Open access, so as to be accessible to everyone. Feel free to download it and circulate it!

You will find here the links for downloading the linguistic atlas.

 Download the whole atlas
(Warning: heavy file, 264 Mb)
Alternative link to the whole volume on CNRS’ institutional repository HAL-SHS (select File or Fichier in top-right corner of the target page)

Homepage of co-publisher Université de la Polynésie française, where you can download the atlas in the form of separate chapters (suitable for slow connections).
Homepage of co-publisher DeGruyter
where the volume can be downloaded in small sections, or as a large file.


This atlas is offered today in open access, in digital format. There is no plan of releasing it in print version, due to the printing costs that would result from the volume's size (2562 pages).